How to Fix HP Smart App Printer Offline Problem?

Why is my HP Printer offline?

HP is an American Multinational Company having headquartered in Palo Alto, California that developed and provided a wide variety of hardware components, as well as software and related services to consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises used by millions of customers all across the world.

Why is my HP Printer offline?

What happened if you want to pull some important print and your HP Printers stops working? And sends notification that your HP printer is offline, what exactly mean? And, more importantly, how do you fix such sort of problems.

While working printers suddenly went to offline mode, such issues arise much time with many printers, So what to do if you come across such issues and looking for a resolution for the same.

If you’ve ever received this error message on your Printers offline, It doesn’t mean that your printer is spoiled or broken but this can be because of an internal technical issue that needs proper technical assistance. If any of the Printer goes offline it does not carry the command from the system to generate the print that’s why you need technical supervision to resolve the error.

The detailed explanations for why my HP printer is offline are available here.

Unfortunately, a printer that is offline cannot receive new print command and process them, so it’s recommended to pause all print commands until the issue is resolved as sometimes multiple Print command stock the printers and make it offline. For further damage to the printer, it is advised not to send any more print requests to your offline printer until you’ve gone through our troubleshooting guide. If you have print jobs in the printer queue, you may need to cancel them until you get back online by saving your work.

Colour or Black ink, not printing can be some of the reasons due to which printers went offline or stop working.

Every technical issue requires technical guidelines for troubleshooting the error and here we provide the most accurate and reliable steps to resolve your error.

How to Fix HP printer offline problem

At any point, if you are looking for an exact guide and points to fix your HP Printers offline Problems then get connected with the following steps mentioned below:-

  1. First of all, you need to Turn Off your HP Printer.
  2. Afterward, Delete the Printer from Devices and Printers.
  3. Now Uninstall the HP Printer Drivers from Control Panel.
  4. Now Press “Windows + R” and Type Spool in Run Box.
  5. Now you have to Select the Printers folder and open it.
  6. Afterward, Delete all the temporary files from this folder and make it Empty.
  7. Now again Turn ON your Printer.
  8. Print Network Configuration Page from the HP Printer.
  9. Get the IP address of your printer from this Network Configuration page. (for example or
  10. Go to your Devices and Printers again and click Add Printer.
  11. Now you have to select the option “The Printer I want isn’t listed“.
  12. Choose “Add Printer using TCP or IP Address“. 
  13. Type the IP Address of the Printer in the box and hit next.
  14. Now windows will pick up your HP Printer from the Network itself and install the drivers automatically.
  15. Now Your HP Printer is successfully installed with IP Address on Windows 10.
  16. Open HP Smart App and your HP Printer is Back Online.
  17. This will fix the problem permanently and you will never face this HP Smart Printer Offline Problem again

Above are the easiest and quick steps that can be followed to fix the HP Printer issues anytime. If